Post (or Get) request to a webhook


The webhook will execute a POST a JSON file to the specified address, or a GET request when no JSON file is found. It will use the shell to "process" the JSON file, so any environment variables included in the text will be transformed.

curl ci-cd.net/v1/webhook | bash -s $MY_WEBHOOK ./.custom-webhook-message.json
Webhook notification example


No arguments - Use environment variable WEBHOOK and .webhook.json file

# Role Default Optionality
1 webhook address $WEBHOOK Optional
2 JSON to post .webhook.json Optional

JSON Example

  • Webhook is in Slack format
  • Environment variables provided by CircleCI
  "attachments": [
      "fallback": "$CIRCLE_PROJECT_REPONAME finished CI job",
      "color": "#27ae60",
      "author_name": "$CIRCLE_PROJECT_REPONAME",
      "author_link": "$CIRCLE_REPOSITORY_URL",
      "title": "CI workflow finished",
      "text": "Automated operation triggered by *$CIRCLE_USERNAME*",
      "mrkdwn_in": ["text"]
  "channel": "#team-channel",
  "username": "CircleCI",
  "icon_emoji": ":robot_face:"